Why Teacher Training?  Many students come to teacher training courses to broaden their own understanding of yoga.  Practice in the west it is often limited to asana class, but the truth is there is much much more.  During teacher training we have the opportunity to discover the other 7 limbs.  A key element of a personal practice is Svadyaya, or self-study, which is one of the Niyamas, or guidlines for living as laid out by Patanjali.  As a teacher it is essential to have a strong Svadyaya. Teaching allows you to expand your practice and apply it to others, it forces you to look at your own life and choices through a yogic lens and take the practice beyond the mat.  Teacher training will not only give you the background and vocabulary to deepen your own self-practice and self-study but will also give you the chance to share it with others, to serve others and through doing so come to understand the philospophy and the physical practice on a far deeper and more practical level.